Another disappointing product that was ordered from ThepartsPlaceInc is the door opening windlace. I thought my problems were over when I ordered these, but they were just beginning. they looked great coming out of the box, and were new and pliable. Once installed though, there are issues. The worst is simply that the product has retaining ribs molded onto the front piece which means once installed the vinyl part that is supposed to lay on top of the painted metal surface actually sits proud of that surface by almost 1/8" inch! This looks wrong, and will surely collect dust and crap in a very hard to clean area. Also, these pieces do not extend as far as the OEM pieces.

I guess I'll need to dye my originals, even though they are quite hard.

Rating: Guess it depends how fussy you are.

This picture although blurry clearly shows the retaining ribs which hold the windlace off the metal surface. This is looking straight down onto the installed product.

And how it looks installed. Yuck.

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