Just a few notes and observations on some of the reproduction parts I have bought for my cars. Remember these pages are only my opinion so take them as such!

I have tried to cover parts which are either new, where you might have several choices, where there is a fair amount of money involved, or where the sources are hard to find. Many of these parts will be found at the reproduction mail order places but I like to support the actual manufacturer as they are the ones who put the effort in. Parts for these cars do not make big money due to the limited market so it's a labour of love.

Also, many of the parts needed, such as window weatherstripping, are generic and have been beat to death with reviews all over the place. I am trying to assemble my car as well as I can, and in the process of obtaining needed parts these reviews were put up to help my fellow Buick enthusiasts make the best car they can. I have not received deals or discounts for any of this, although I probably should!!!

These parts can be seen being installed or after installation by going either to my homepage and following the links from there or following the convertible link below as most of these parts are destined for that car.


Waldrons Exhaust 2.25 Stock N25 system


Gardner Exhaust 2.5" performance exhaust system


1971 GS Stage 1 Emission/Tuneup rad support decal (correct)


Legendary Auto Interiors 68-72 GS/Skylark Floormats

1972 GS/Skylark front/rear bumper taillight rubber


Classic Car Interiors mirror gaskets and misc parts


70-72 GS/Skylark dash and heater decal kits


The Parts Place Inc Reproduction 1971 GS Grille


ThePartsPlaceInc Date Coded Spark Plug Wire Sets


Rolling Steel (Tabco) 70-72 GS/Skylark quarter panel

National Parts Depot 68-72 Chevelle trunk floor

Goodmark Industries 68-72 floorpans

ThePartsPlaceInc 68-72 rear seat floorpan

Body Mounts (mix of repro and GM, misc info)

70-72 GS/Skylark radiator coolant tank

ThePartsPlaceInc door armrest pads

ThePartsPlaceInc convertible pillar pads

ThePartsPlaceInc door windlace

ThePartsPlaceInc engine wiring harness


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