One item I was surprised and happy to see reproduced are the 1972 only taillight rubber pieces. In 1972, Buick added rubber strips to the front bumper, and to the rear bumper around the taillight lenses. Whether or not you like them, they are required for correct appearance on this year of car.

After 32 years, they are almost always trashed. Even the ones that still mount up are usually missing studs and rusty on the backside..just what you need after dropping all that coin getting your HUGE rear bumper re-chromed....

But there is a solution. Be aware they are not inexpensive, however with NOS going for roughly $400-500.00US, these are a steal at $295.00US a set. Especially considering NOS has been banging around for 30 years while the original rubber slowly deteriorates.

This picture shows them as they arrived. Note the thin lower edge which deflects sitting on the floor...this is correct and exactly as GM parts were. I should have taken the picture with one upside down to the show the steel with molded in studs and also the fact they were labeled RH and LH which is a nice touch, as they are similar Notice the molding is flawless!

I only have one picture taken while I was test fitting them to the bumper. They fit very snug, square and true even without the included nuts. The lenses fit nice too although at the time this pic was taken, I had none in the car. This was during the test fitting of the rear bumper to the body and the bumper itself needs chrome badly. But it does show how well they sit. Please note the dust etc on the parts is due to my handling.

You can see the correct thin wide lower edge to help seal the lenses, and of course the studs are molded in along with the steel support. Very nice pieces.

Rating: Excellent!!

As the car nears completion, I realized I did not have the front rubber strip needed so ordered them as well. They showed up well packaged and with nuts attached. Once again the attention to detail is very good.


And as installed. This is one of those items that is very hard to take pictures of, but the quality is very good. Fit is excellent. If you look real close you can just make out the seam between the center and outer piece. Please ignore the dust!!! :-)

Rating: Excellent!


If you are interested in these for your car, contact Kent at 1-231-592-9915 or e-mail

He also makes the rear bumperette rubber for the 72 GS/Skylark, and the front bumperette rubber for the 71-72 GS/Skylark. Regal and Olds 442 parts are also on the list so make sure to contact him with your questions. And for people who are making very nice drivers, he does have some parts with minor surface imperfections that are sold at a reduced price. Contact Kent for details.

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