National Parts Depot 68-72 Chevelle Trunk Floor

I also needed a trunk floor for my convertible. I had looked at goodmark panels, but they were not shaped correctly (the sides were wider and extender further out into the quarter area) and they had no metal forward of the top of the forward ledge. I wanted as much metal up the sides as possible in case we found more rust along the edges of the wheelhouses. Year One sells a trunk floor that appeared to be correct from the pics, but it came as a kit and the price was huge, being $359.00US for the three piece floor, two body braces, and two fuel tank braces. The NPD trunk floor was two piece (less welding and grinding) and came with the two body braces (but not the fuel tank braces) for $200.00US. There are one piece floors out there, but they don't extend right to the edges. At this point I can't actually lay the metal into the trunk as the jack mount is still on the floor and holds the LH side up, but the pattern on the trunk floor is a dead match. There are quite a few wrinkles in the pans around the edges, and some waves in the flat spots most likely due to being formed from .040" metal, which is pretty heavy. My understanding is that most repro sheetmetal is not that thick.

The drain holes are not prepunched, so I had to cut them out. It does come with the spare holdown bracket already welded into place, but the forward one to support the jack itself is not provided. That may be a Buick only thing.

The only area that isn't a good match is in the center of the trunk, right ahead of the top ledge. This trunk floor is actually made for the Chevelle, and on my convertible the center "hump" actually has a slope towards the back whereas this piece goes straight up and is then flat (see pics below).** This is not a problem as the parts can be trimmed to retain the original slope when installed. Price for the kit is just under $200.00US plus $90.00US shipping to Montana. The box was 46 x 38 x 24, mostly filled with packing paper, could have used a 12" tall box no problem and maybe saved some shipping.

** Update: It seems that some Skylark/GS cars did not have the slope in the trunk, so these floors would be a perfect fit.

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