Summer Holidays 2012

My summer holidays by Tim

My summer holidays ok first I had to get some sleep then my new computer blew up but I kinda fixed that up but not really and then my main computer blew up and I fixed that too and then I decided to look at a loose step and that was a big mistake and then I had a BIG mess of rotted wood and cement and it took two days to take it all apart and then I didn't know what we were going to do - what are we going to do?- and there are lots of angry bugs and worms now because we upset their garden so one day we went to rock place and walked around a LOT - it was hot!- and we found these rock slabs looked kinda cool and they were the right size so we bought them and then I couldn't remember my mastercard pin number and THAT was embarrasing but luckily I had another card so they put them on my truck with a forklift because they weigh 200 pounds each except the small one which is only 120 pounds and then we put in new wood and built it up but all the steps need to be the same height or people fall down but that’s hard to do because nobody told me all the slabs are slightly different sizes and are not square and are different thicknesses too and we had our wedding anniversary and we went out for supper and had to cut lots of wood and all I had was an old skil saw my Uncle gave me but I made it work and we had to get gravel too so bought a tarp to line the bed of my truck which I like and we put a whole load of  gravel in the back and wow it was very heavy poor truck sat really low and put that under the wood and rock slabs and we put them in and then the top one wouldn't sit right so we had to turn the 4x6 90 degrees which was Dawns idea which made it perfect and we put them all together and Dewalt makes nice tools and we used lots of screws and nails and some rebar and I'm really tired and sweating a lot because its been very hot out and had to buy more wood and cut more wood and then had to sand sand sand everything to match up and trim the siding and the skil saw is smoking now I think it might not make another project and still have to haul everything away but back to work soon and I had a hamburger for supper tonight so I'm happy.

The end.




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