Sidney, MT 2009

Trip details:

2036 km total (1265 miles)

12L/100km (or 24 imp mpg)

One family visit

One jesus

One jesus house

One prius

One real 1970 GSX

One dead gopher

One dead bird 

One small elephant thing

One torn wiper blade

One cop

One downpour

One lid off something


Wish I had pics of the long white worn robe, long thin face, long hair guy in sandals walking down the shoulder...we wonder where he is going, then a couple miles up the road see a house on the side of the road with "Jesus" sprayed on the side. Got it.

Trip back passed some dude (?) in a prius who was PARKED on the narrow highway with his door cracked open....moved over and passed him at about 60 mph...happened so fast barely had time to react as over the crest of a small hill on the winding road. Instead of saving the environment, might want to think about saving yourself.

The GSX was parked at a small gathering in Sidney. Yellow. Nice. Found out later it was indeed a real one that is in the area.

Passed the cop at 90 mph going the other way over the crest of a hill...some creative driving through small town town on side of road when I saw him turning around and never saw him again.

Moved over for oncoming semi on the narrow road (to prevent rocks, etc), outboard wheel hit this lid (no idea what it was off of, a garbage can perhaps, never even saw it really) laying on shoulder (if you can call it that) which then somehow shot upwards out the side of my truck like a Frisbee as we passed oncoming traffic and it hit a semi...YEAH FINALLY got some revenge for all the damage those guys have done to my vehicles over the years. Lid hit the truck right below the cab looked like. It was crazy s**t, went down under trailer tires and then under another semi right behind him and also two more cars following behind narrowly missed what was left as it flung itself back up and they went under it...hope they enjoyed the show!! All this seen in my rear view mirror. Wow.

Super windy all the way home, totally wrecked mileage and drive (trip down avg 11L/100km@70mph). Gusts of 45 mph radio said.

9:30 am to 7:30 pm to get home, only stopped for fuel, food and bathrooms

Guy at border was cool, told him we had lots to declare so owed money, he asked what parts were for ,wanted to see pics of my cars, why we didn't buy more coolers ("Can't afford alcohol, I have cars to build!"), chatted a bit, and let us go without paying a dime. 

Impressed with truck. We were in there for 10 hours, comfy thing.


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