1971 GS 455 Stage 1 rad support decal

One of the first things you see when you open the hood is the rad support cover with the emissions/tuning decal on it. There have been several repros of this decal, and they were useable but for some reason not very accurate in their details. I'm sure many people don't care but for the purists there is a better one out there now, made by a private enthusiast with an eye for detail. Do it right!!

Picture below shows a typical repro decal with an original below it. The original Stage 1 decal never said "Stage 1" on it. It just had a code and the timing was the only giveaway as only Stage 1 engines were 10 degrees advanced. The repro version for some reason has "Stage 1" added to it. See arrow upper left. Totally incorrect.

Also the spacing of the paragraphs is incorrect. The drawing of the fast idle cam is very vague. The font appears to be too large and also bold, overpowering the letters making the whole thing hard to read (esp the chart).


This is the new repro. The incorrect "Stage 1" is gone, the spacing is better, the lettering is crisp and clean and it has better details on the diagrams. It has a glossy appearance which does not show up in this picture. It is made with a mylar coating as per original for resistance to oils and such. Much better!! The bluriness in the corners is my camera trying to focus on the thing. You'll note it is cut at a very slight angle, this is not really an issue as these decals were often like that new from what I have seen. If you really feel the need you could trim it to be perfect. Easily the best repro out there.

If you want one, contact Dave and he will set you up. There are only so many and then they are all gone.


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