One of the tough items to find in good shape is the convertible interior A pillar covers. These are molded vinyl over foam unlike the hardtops which have metal covers. I had seen the ads for the 68-72 A pillar covers so finally ordered a set. Once again, I am very disappointed with the quality of these reproduction parts. ThePartsPlaceInc is just a reseller so I don't know if anyone else's products are any better, but I doubt it. The manufacturer of these parts is dashes direct as molded into the backside along with 68-72.

These pieces are at least 5/16" too short!! When I put it in place, there was a huge gap at the top where it meets the factory windshield frame moldings. If you move the piece up to fill that gap, you end up with the gap over the dash which may be more acceptable and not as obvious, but its still there none the less and then the pre-molded screw holes don't line up with the factory locations!!

I have heard rumours these parts fit Chevelles just fine. Something to do with the dash hard info though.

Its too bad as they look nice otherwise. Pic shows repro part beside both originals I have. Look closely at the ends to see the difference in length.

Rating: Might work if you are desperate.

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