Not everything is happy in the reproduction world. I suppose you could call me fussy, but really, if you plan on making a part, why not spend the extra 10% in time and investment and make a good part?? The latest disappointment was my armrest pads for the doors. These fit ALL GM A-BODIES so its not like the market isn't there for the extra effort needed to make accurate replacements. These were ordered from ThePartsPlaceInc and I didn't even have to take them out of the bag to see they were not going to work. I put them in place on my original armrests and not only were they too small, they didn't fit very well either. Maybe they fit the repro armrest bases.

They were sent back. New plan is to recover old torn up pads with new vinyl from Legendary Interiors, once I repair the original foam. Thats how the originals were made anyway. Pic shows best pad I have with repro.

Rating: Garbage.

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