Nassau 2012

Up at 11am, flew outthat night 1240am, into Toronto at 7am.

Angry cleaner guy in washroom in toronto . Somebody had plugged toilet with toilet paper and paper towel. So there he is with his mop and cleaning supplies "God dam bastards" he kept repeating loudly over and over....I felt sorry for him actully, not a nice thing to clean up. I left asap.

Left Toronto at 940 am arrived at 1 pm. Bit tired.

Pool grill sign said " True taste of the Caribbean." Hamburgers and French fries. The fries were excellent.

First night went for walk down the beach i n the dark. Can hear surf from our 2nd floor room with windows closed. That is awesome, I slept like a baby.

Next morning huge screeches off every door on the floor as people left their rooms. Apparently maintenance has never heard of oil. A little Shampoo on door hinges stopped our squeak for the rest of the trip. I think we had the only door on our floor that was quiet after that.

Breakfast excellent fresh fruit of every kind, eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes, whatever you want. Several grilles all going at once. Noticed my orange juice glass had a chip on the base.

Breezes resort has lots of beach chairs, shade, volleyball net, the forementioned grille, pool, indoor area with bright chairs free drinks of course, slush machines,restaurants etc.Close ot public transportation too. Me? I could (and do) sit on beach for hours in the shade and listen to the tide and my podcasts.

The staff was excellent as well, very friendly and fun.

Supper buffet excellent, again all kinds of various foods, anything you want pretty much. Lots of desserts too. Any kind of drink you want as well.

Next morning different table, same glass with chip on it.

Into Nassau on bus. Guy on bus thought I was a US marine for some reason, must have been drunk. Told hime "Nope, I'm Canadian." You should be able to tell from my gut I'm not a marine buddy. LOL Walking up a street got corralled by a pirate guy in full gear with a sword so yeah we took the tour..LOL Pirate museum fascinating, actual artifacts and guns etc.. Life size mockup of pirate ship was neat too (made in Canada, go figure) complete with fake rats, wax figures (one getting surgery for a wound), pretty crazy life those boys had to say the least. In the early 1700's there were more pirates than inhabitants on the island, including the famous "Blackbeard".

Defence fort tours were interesting as well. 230+ year old stuff in some places, those cannons would shoot a 6" iron ball 1.5 miles. Would love to hear one fire!! More time on the beach, more good food, more sleep.

Wed big breakfast, and once AGAIN got that same glass with the chip on it despite a different table! What are the odds? Took local bus to the zoo. Lots of neat stuff there, the flamingos are really interesting. While taking a picture I was kneeling down and suddenly tossed forwardand almost dropped my pop as something hit me on the back, turn around and its a flamingo who neck butted me...LOL That is just ridiculous, how do they put that much force into that while standing on chopsticks??LOL I make friends everywhere it seems...naturally everyone was killing themselves laughing. New one for me too.

Back on the bus after short walk on gravel road to downtown Nassau, did some shopping. Police there look sharp in white uniforms, traffic is a bit nuts with pedestrians all over the place, can't imagine what it would be like when a cruise ship releases its hordes onto these streets. Colorful buildings, had some trouble finding our bus. Ended up wrong one but driver was super cool and took a few streets so we could get where we were supposed to be going..LOL Gave us a little impromtu tour of various things as we drove past them too.

Pink seems to be a very popular color for buildings here, including the parliment.

Same water glass at whichever table we have every day, it has a chip so easy to spot. 4 days in a row. Say what??? One more and I'm going to break it...

When the cruise ships come in they DWARF the island. I guess the island is only 121 feet tall, but still crazy to see a ship on the other side of the island yet towering over it!!

Day 5 on the beach. Got burned pretty good. New respect for the sun. Walked up West Bay Street and found a Starbucks to have a vanilla cream frappuccino (instead of vanilla bean). Place had a/c and wi-fi so hung out there for a bit and did some research. Walked back to resort, long walk and hot but nice as well.

Day 6 did shopping again. Dawn found more deals again :) Downtown watched cops deal with rowdy local. I'm sure they get lots of that and they were pretty patient with the guy. Not sure how they would take anyone away, they are all on bikes...

Day 7 Sunset sailing trip cancelled as not enough people signed up. Oh well, more time on the beach I guess!! :)

Never saw our chipped glass again.

Last day checked out at noon, sat on beach and drank PiƱa colodas for three hours until bus arrived to take us to airport. 29 C when we left there, -15 C when we landed home. Ugh.

Happy to say YYZ bathrooms were free and clear of floods and/or angry cleaners on way back.

Gained 5 pounds. I'll work it off shovelling snow.




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