Legendary Auto Interiors Floormats

Floormats. Another item that everyone takes for granted yet for our cars very hard to find. Up until now there were no options except for 800.00 sets on ebay for NOS or crappy old ones that LOOKED like their 35 years. CARS apparently made some repros a while back, but they are not available anymore and had some issues (yellow Buick emblem and smelly too so I've been told). Anyway, I'm happy to say the Legendary Auto Interiors has stepped up and is now offering correct style floormats for the 68-72 GS and Skylark. They will fit other years too, but may or may not be totally correct.

Several people worked very hard to get these to market, and I had a slight hand in it as well. It took over a year but they are finally here! Size, shape and pattern is very accurate. They are fairly thin, and quite flexible. On very close inspection you can find some tiny flaws such as little bumps on them (tiny-they almost look like some kind of engineering points for the moldmaker or something), the aft ones the edges are a bit uneven too and a few flaws here and there in the grooves, etc, but overall they are quite nice. Besides, your other choice is nothing unless you are happy with generic mats. Once in the car they fit decent, and look really good. They do have nubs on the backside to keep them from sliding around and I am also happy to report they do not smell strange!!

Available in a variety of colors and have a five year warranty. Check out their website for details.



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