Hot Wheels conversion

Sometimes things get out of control.... :)


The original Hot Wheels 1970 GSX in 1/64th scale (3" long).



Rivets drilled out, car disassembled:



Cutting roof off with die grinder, also GSX hood tach ground down (rough):



Roof removed:



Hood tach final removal, rear spoiler ground off, windshield header filed to shape, body opening filed to shape, rear quarters flattened out. Primer used to see how grinding/filing looks with solid color. Car will be all metal.



Interior dyed to match my 1972 GS convertible (used the same dye as on real car). Hot wheels is nice enough to make the interior out of one piece, the forward section folds back and clips down, this makes things easy.



Interior details. Real woodgrain (Mac Tac) on console. My car being a 72 does not have console and buckets though.



Body in final primer, interior (before completion) on chassis:



Body painted with leftover paint from my real GS convertible, two coats of base and three coats of clear.


Look how bright sunlight changes color and brings out metalflake. Just like the real car (except metalflake is now HUGE in this scale!!LOL):


Trim painted on, car assembled. Updated pictures, finally made a boot for the car from scratch. Tried to use parts off a hot Wheels GTO convertible but the top

was narrower and wouldn't fit, so made a mold and cast my own as needed. Bit tall in profile view but looks ok.


With another Hotwheels GSX.



The real ones for size comparison.

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