If you have been in the electrical section of my website, you saw how bad the original harness is mangled. Over the years people splice and add and take things away, the result is often a mess, and can be dangerous to boot. I had looked into making my own harness up as its not hard, but trying to find the correct wire colors and then connectors pretty soon the price went way up. So I crossed my fingers and ordered a new wiring harness from ThePartsPlaceInc. It is the standard 72 GS 455 engine harness. You can custom order these things but my experience has been not good with any special order items, so I buy the basics and modify from there.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised on the quality of this wire harness. All wires were faithful in color, stripes, and gauge. Length looks good and the connectors are very nice. I snapped the light harness to this and bolted it onto the main harness with no issues at all. Everything is new and there really is no reason to mess with splices and dried up brittle old wires anymore, especially for the price. I am posting this review because I was also surprised to see it wasn't an M&H harness. This one is made by American Autowire/Factory Fit. Only one complaint....ease up on the sealant on the junction block (stuff gets everywhere!)!!

Picture shows close-up to give some detail.

Rating: Excellent

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