68-72 GS/Skylark Goodmark floorpans

With the holes cut in the floor by the previous owners(to drain the water out while it sat in the field!)and several small pinholes located in the low spots, I decided to replace the floorpans as well. There really is no way to patch rust, cut it out and get rid of it is the best way.

Anyway, I went with the Goodmark panels because they were full length, and I could get them locally from Mike Schritt at Davis Buick GMC in Medicine Hat. This may seem like a small thing but shipping on these would probably cost more than the panels themselves as we really get nailed coming into Canada. I ordered full length just so anything we found would be covered. Once the car was media blasted the secrets were all gone, and the resto shop decided it was better simply to cut these panels up and weld in as needed rather than replace the whole floor both sides, which was not needed, and would cost more in finishing. It actually costs less to order two full length rather then the four usually needed for the low spots.

Again, sorry picture is not better quality, only shot I have. The panels were good quality, quite accurate in fit and locations of the holes etc. Holes were pre-punched. The creases are not quite as sharp as GM (expected) and the resto shop guys said the panels went in "average". They were good enough to get welded in and ground down and primered, and can't tell they were replaced. That may be more a function of the excellent welding skills at the shop more than anything else. Again, you can see parts of these panels welded in on my convertible page.

Goodmark has a wide variety of sheetmetal for many cars, don't forget if you live in Southern Alberta that Mike is an an authorized dealer, saves on shipping and import costs.

You can call Mike at 403 527 1115


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