1970-72 GS/Skylark instrument panel/heater and radio decals.

After 30 years, most of the decals on a car will be trashed. Buicks are no different of course but there is help. On the 70-72 GS, all the instrument panels were black background with white lettering unless you ordered the optional woodgrain interior which then added woodgrain decals over the black parts of the panels.

My convertible has the black interior, and while the replacement instrument panel itself looks pretty good, the heater control faceplate does not. This replacement one is from a woodgrain car obviously, and shows how they often look these days.

Greg Setter makes reproduction decals for both the black and woodgrain panels. You could probably make them yourself if you really wanted to, but these decals have the correct backlighted lettering in the correct blue tint.

I have not installed mine yet, but here is what the black ones look like as a kit. Please note you get the heater faceplate decal OR the air conditioning facepplate decal, not both. I have included them both for illustration purposes.

Here is a closeup of the a/c decal and the heater decal to show the detail. The only slight deviation from original is that the the black decal does not have the textured surface like original (to match the texture on the instrument panel). On woodgrain cars this is not a concern at all as they were all decals right from GM.

One other thing, be aware there are inferior products out there! Gregs faceplates only show the letters when you put a light behind them, others will light up a 'block" behind each word which quite frankly looks like crap at night with the lights on.

Oh, by the way Greg is a good guy to deal with, and if he were to send me a free sample of the woodgrain kits (for eventual use on my 71 Stage 1) I am sure I could post pictures here of them as well!! :-)

Normal price for one set is $99.00 Contact Greg Setter to order yours.

May 23, 2003

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