The new BBQ



Dawn and I bought a BBQ last night. Home Depot. Kind of odd coloured thing, but it looks nice, good price, was on sale and I had gift certificate too. Brought it home and put it together. Almost. Problem is we got shorted 6 screws, M6 x 10 mm, the only ones that were supposed to be "pre-attached" to a panel. Not a big deal. Also spent a lot of time getting the doors to align properly as one was higher than the other. While doing that I wondered out loud if perhaps I should wait until it was on the deck (we put it together in the living room on a blanket on top of the carpet).

I send a note to support just to let them know there was an issue with my BBQ. Its 11:00pm.

I then found a review online and guess what? That guy was also missing 6 screws on his too!!LOL 

So today I head out to Canadian Tire to buy some screws. Its closer so will be quicker than trying to get warranty/etc at Home Depot. It's only a buck or two.  Think I can find any metric screws? Think I can find a sales person? After 20 minutes I finally track somebody down and they point me at the aisle I just spent 20 minutes in…LOL Lots of screws, bolts, etc, not one single METRIC piece. Not one. We do live in Canada, right?? We've been Metric since the mid 70's, have we not???!!

So I gave up and left. I had the foresight to take my Home Depot receipt with me just in case. I got there and the returns desk was BUSY so I said screw it (no pun intended) and just went over and bought the M6 screws (after a good search, almost no metric stuff there either), total cost 2.19. 

On the way home I stop for gas. While I'm filling my tank I hear some horns and a lady comes running to the gas station hut door with a small jerry can, but the doors are locked. Attendant is in the washroom I guess…LOL So she comes over (because of course I am the only person putting in gas) and says "my car just ran out of gas in the middle of the intersection, I have a jerry can but the doors are locked..I don't know where the guy is....I don't have any credit cards but I have 2.85 on me... can I bug you to put 2.85 worth of gas in my jerry can?…what do you do, so I put 3.00 in her jerry can and while she was digging through her change I told her to forget it just go get the car off the road (more horns)…she said "you are more than kind, thank so very, very much" and I told her  "pay it forward" (I couldn’t think of anything else to say) and she said "I will!! and off she ran…pretty sure she won't, not if she can't afford to put gas in her car.

You ever notice it is always "The car ran out of gas", not "I ran the car out of gas", like the car has to refuel itself….??

No she was not hot.

So I finished filling up my truck, left and drove around the block to check thinking maybe I just got scammed but sure enough there she was right on the side of the road putting the gas into her MINI-VAN!!!!!!!! MINI-VAN!!!!!!  So I helped pay for the torture of other innocent motorists as we all know how mini-vans dispense their particular brand of automotive aggravation. I was going to take a picture of her putting in the fuel but I was in traffic...

Got home, finished up the assembly, took BBQ out on the deck and UN-adjusted the doors as of course it would have been perfect had I not dicked with them…

Checked my e-mail, support replied and says they can mail me the screws if I want. No thanks, this was way more fun.

Petro points receipt says I saved 2.90 on gas today…not really I gave it to some minivan driver so she could continue to spread the minivan pain to as many motorists as possible...

PS What is it with gas stations??


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