The Parts Place Inc reproduction 1971 GS grille


I have owned my 71 GS Stage 1 for 19 years now. While I did eventually find a grille for it back in 91, even then it was very expensive and frustrating to locate one. That problem got worse and worse as NOS grilles topped $2500.00-3000.00US and even broken used hit the $1000.00 mark on e-bay!!!! That is nuts, and made me paranoid about the big fragile peice of plastic hanging on the front of my car, and what would happen should I hit a bird or good rock.

This whole situation is aggravated by Buick using a different grille for each year 70/71/72 and the GS grilles were specific to the GS, except for 72 which used the same plastic grille painted differently as the 72 Skylark (except the Skylark Custom which got the pot metal grille with the square styling). All these grilles will bolt up but also need the matching parts (headlight bezels, bumper and hood molding). Its a shame when a 71 GS gets parted because the cost of a grille would put the project over the top for a mere mortal.

Now there is a solution!! The Parts Place Inc has come up with a whole bunch of GS specific reproduction parts, and the 71 GS grille is one of them. After hearing some good reviews by trusted people who saw the prototype first hand, I put my name down for the first run. It showed up well packaged and protected.

WOW!! What can I say, this thing looks incredible. It is much better than I was expecting. It's molded in dark gray plastic and then the silver and black are painted on. It's very, very accurate compared to my original and while not mounted yet, I did measure the stud locations and they are also true to original. Since my grille is the first run, the studs are on backorder but for the price this grille is a steal. I understand they have a 70 GS version in the works now as well. Price runs about $600.00US depending on sales, etc.

UPSIDE: FINALLY!!! A decent 71 GS grille you can buy for a reasonable price!

Downside: None.



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